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Our People

Marc D. Taub, Proprietor

Marc Taub took on stewardship of Saracina Vineyards in 2018, upholding the spirit of family ownership that has defined this iconic Mendocino winery since its foundation by John Fetzer and Patty Rock in 2001. As the third generation of his family immersed in the world of wine, Marc brings to Saracina a multifaceted background and strong aspirations for the future of the winery, and the Mendocino region as a whole.

Marc operates two highly regarded, family owned wine and spirit import companies that offer top selections from around the world on a national basis - Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections. His first formal foray into the industry back in the late 1980s, however, was in a sales and distribution role in California…an experience that left an enduring impression on him. About six years ago, Marc’s entrepreneurial spirit and excitement for California led him back to the west coast to begin producing a growing cache of domestic wines from regions including Napa (Heritance and Taub Family Vineyards), Sonoma (Au Contraire) and Mendocino (Angry Bunch and, now, Saracina).

He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work together with the outstanding Saracina team to showcase the incredible potential of Mendocino’s terroir, and to pursue the continued evolution of the benchmark Saracina range.

“Wine has been the centerpiece of my family’s narrative, and our livelihood, driven by hard work and dedication across multiple generations. My grandfather Marty played an instrumental role in the California wine business from the very moment that Prohibition was repealed, and my father David later joined his side to build upon his dream. I grew up with a deep appreciation for the art of winemaking, and all the wonderful elements and camaraderie intrinsic to this fascinating world. I’m excited to see what the fourth generation brings in the future, in the hands of my son Jake and daughter Chloe.” – Marc Taub

Alex MacGregor, Winemaker

Armed with a business degree from McGill University, Winemaker Alex MacGregor made the first logical career step for a new college grad…tending bar. Fortunately for him, the bar was located in a Toronto restaurant with one of the most progressive wine programs in the country. Alex caught the “wine bug”.  He obtained a sommelier certificate, worked as a sommelier assisting Canada’s only MW at the time, and then spent a year traveling the wine regions of France, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.  At that point, Alex knew he had to make wine. After emigrating to the United States to study enology and viticulture in California, he found his first job as an enologist in the Dry Creek Valley.

Ten years later he joined the Saracina team as its first winemaker. He was excited to move to Mendocino County with its many family-owned small farms and ancient vines.  “Saracina offered me the opportunity to work with legendary Winemaking Consultant, David Ramey, and with wine industry icon, John Fetzer, to absorb all the experience and enlightenment that John and his family had brought to the world of wine growing.”

If he’s not inspecting vineyards, he’s in the winery obsessing about our next great wine or dropping barrels from the forklift, although he claims to be less prone to that than in his early days in wineries. In all seriousness, Alex’s fellow winemakers in the county recognize his talent and call upon him regularly for advice and counsel.


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